Contact and Information

Access pass and payment card.
Upon arrival at the camping site, you will get an access pass at the reception desk. This green pass will open the barriers between 6h and 22h. Before or after, the barriers are closed and no traffic is allowed on the domain.
We provide one access pass per camping pitch. You pay a € 25 deposit for this pass.
You can also use this access pass as a payment card for the showers and launderette. Extra passes, with orange printing, are available freely, provided you pay a deposit of € 25 per card.
You can also use both passes to open the sanitary buildings after 22h and for the waste park (winter season and low season).

Arrival and departure for campers.
Upon arrival, you can present yourself at the camping reception desk as of 13h. For a stay in the renting possibilities, you can arrive from 16h. On the last day of your stay, the camping pitch has to be free and the access card has to be returned at the reception desk by noon at the latest. If you want to visit the camping site or day recreation after that, you will pay the applicable entrance fees.

Bike rent.
The green setting of the 4-star camping is perfect for a hike or a bike ride. You can rent bikes at the camping’s reception desk. You can choose between ladies’ and men's bikes.

Camping prices.
The camping prices apply to 4 persons. A 5th and 6th person can stay overnight on the camping pitch, subject to payment.
All persons reported for a camping stay, will stay registered in the booking and will be charged all time, whether present or not. All camping visitors are to present themselves at the reception desk and pay the applicable entrance fees for day recreation.
If you have visitors who want to stay overnight, you will pay extra for them. During high season, you pay € 4 a night (13h till next day at noon), per child (from 6y), € 5 a night (13h till next day at noon), per adult. If you want to stay overnight with more than 6 persons, you will have to book a second camping pitch.

Camping shop.
Low season (01/04-30/06 and 01/09-15/09):

week: 8h30-12h

weekend: 8h30 - 12h and 13h - 18h

Low season (01/04-30/06 and 01/09-15/09) on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, during school holidays AND
High season (01/07-31/08):

daily: 8h30 - 12h and 13h - 18h

All campers can order bread daily till 3pm for the next day. You pay in advance and you collect your order the next day before noon.
The camping shop is not a supermarket, but you can find a range of basic products, a number of hygienic products and some toys. For all other products, you can go to the supermarkets in Gierle and Beerse.

Camping visitors.
Camping visitors are to present themselves at the reception desk and pay the applicable entrance fees for day recreation. Visitors’ dogs are not allowed on the camping site.

Both the pavillion De Specht, the beach building De Eekhoorn and the chip stand are at the day recreation near the waterside of the swimming pond.
During high season (16/06-31/08), one of these catering businesses is open every day. The second building will be opened, if the domain receives lots of visitors. If the chip stand is closed, you can usually go to the other catering businesses for a portion of French fries.
During the winter months, we sell on Sunday pancakes and warm waffles as of 14h. The catering is closed on other days in the winter season.
For a school trip or outing, you can book to drink something in our catering business.
The franchise holder determines the opening hours as well as the offer and the price list of the catering facilities at De Lilse Bergen.

Only campers can bring along dogs, which will always be charged. You pay € 4,50 a day, per dog, maximum amounting to € 95 per dog, per stay. A maximum of 3 dogs is registered per pitch. The dogs can only stay on the camping site, they are never allowed at day recreation. Dogs always have to be kept on a leash.
The dog run is near sanitary building 6 (via a gate heading for day recreation). We have installed a dog shower in the first sanitary building on the camping site.
Campers staying in our rental residences (caravan, hiker’s hut, tipi, tree-house, watertent, gipsycar or safari tent) are not allowed to bring a dog.
Camping visitors’ dogs or dogs of day trippers are not allowed on the domain.

Early booking discount.
The early booking discount is granted if the following conditions are met:

  • Reservation for a stay of at least 7 consecutive nights during low and high season.
  • Payment only via bank transfer.
  • The full invoice amount must be paid before January 1 of the relevant year

The discount voucher is only valid for placement on the shower card (tourist places) or consumption in the camping shop (holiday accommodation).

Prohibited at the recreation area:


Groups at the camping.
If you would like to camp with a number of families, we ask you to book per family. In this way, each family will pay an individual invoice and everyone can choose last minute for a shorter or longer stay. Moreover, dogs and extra persons can be booked correctly in this way. Of course, you can choose the camping pitches located next to each other.

Groups at the day recreation.
If you come with a group to the playground and swimming pond, for example with the youth movement, you have to present yourself in group in a recognizable way (e.g. scarf, uniform) at the day recreation entrance. One person of the group can enter freely per 15 persons. For the other group members, we apply a childrens’ price of €4, irrespective of age.
Students will pay € 3 for a school trip, teachers get free access.

You will find an internet room at the reception desk of our camping. All campers can freely use the internet.
We installed WIFI (wireless internet) on the whole domain. The voucher with login and password to gain access, will be sent to you added to the confirmation of your reservation.

Inventories of rental accommodations.
Each inventory gives you a list of equipment available in the rental accommodations on campsite De Lilse Bergen.

Inventory caravan 6P.
Inventory safari tent.
Inventory tipi.
Inventory tree-house.
Inventory watertent.
Inventory gipsycar.

Late check-out.
When booking with “late check-out”, the booking will be extended on the day of departure until 5 pm at the latest. In case of a later departure, after 5 pm, a full day is automatically charged (until 12 noon the next day). The late check-out can be booked depending on the availability of the reserved pitch.
Guests who have rented a holiday home can check in from 4 pm. A late check-out for a holiday accommodation can not be booked.

You will find a launderette in sanitary buildings 2 and 5 on the camping. Each launderette includes three washing machines and three dryers. You can wash 5 kg laundry per turn, you have to provide the detergent. The washing machines and dryers can be used with the payment card.

Washer: € 4,25
Dryer: € 1,50

Opening hours camping site.
The camping site is open all year round. You can freely drive in and out with your car between 6th and 22h. The renting facilities on the camping site are not available during the winter season.

Opening hours reception desk.

  • Winter (01/01-31/03 and 16/09-31/12):

week: 9h-17h

weekend: 10h -17h

  • Low season (01/04-30/06 and 01/09-15/09) and high season (01/07-31/08):

daily: 9h-20h

De camping reception desk is open every day. In high season after 20h and till 22h, the reception desk is only open to arriving and leaving campers.

Opening hours recreation.

  • Winter (01/01-Easter holiday and 16/09-31/12):


  • Low season (Easter holiday-15/06 and 01/09-15/09):


  • High season (16/06-31/08):


As of the Easter holiday till 15th September included, you have to pay an entrance fee. Before and after this period, you can visit the domain for free. During the winter season, De Lilse Bergen can decide to insert periods in which you have to pay an entrance fee. The facilities, such as catering, attraction and sanitary building are closed in the winter period. During low and high season, the recreation will be closed one hour after closure of the cash register and we will ask the visitors to leave the domain.
In low season, the catering is closed due to the limited number of visitors. The franchise holder for catering determines the opening hours of his business in low season. The attractions will be opened in low season upon request. Ask it at the recreation entrance.

Several parking areas are available for day recreation. If you do park the car alongside the road, please see to it that the other cars and emergency services can easily pass. Cyclists are to put away their bike in the bike shed near the day recreation entrance.
Campers have their own parking spot on the camping site. The blue posts near the parking spots have the same number as the camping pitch. The car can park nearby the pitch to install your camping equipment or to unload your purchases, but afterwards you are supposed to park your car on the parking spot.
A second car is not allowed on the domain and you will have to park it on parking 6, right across the camping entrance. Also visitors can park their car over there before presenting themselves to the reception desk.

Recreational activities.
In July and August, we organize an activity program for campers. Our recreation leaflet is available at the camping reception desk. We organize recreational activities, such as performances, childrens’ activities, games afternoons, sports, etc.

Renting on the camping.
You do not have your own camping gear? So, rent a caravan, a safari tent, a tipi, a tree-house, a watertent, a gipsycar or a hiker’s hut! Our several renting possibilities will allow you to enjoy that special camping feeling at our 4-star camping!

Rescue post.
You can find the rescue station where you see the red life guard seat near the water and catering business De Specht. The life guards will see to the safety of our visitors. You will recognize them easily because they wear a yellow t-shirt with the logo of De Lilse Bergen. In case no life guards are present, the red flag is put up at the rescue post and you are not allowed to swim or play in the water.

Schools can organize a school trip or a sports day. Our department of Sport and Recreation will gladly assist.
The playground and swimming pond of De Lilse Bergen are real assets for a school trip. Please notify us if you plan to visit us with a big group. If you like, the students can drink something in our catering facilities, for which you have to book in advance. If you do not book, we cannot guarantee that the catering facilities will be open. The franchise holder determines the opening hours as well as the offer and price list.
Students will pay € 3 for a school trip, teachers get free access.

You use your pass or cash card to shower.
You charge the payment card at the charger in the outside wall at the reception desk, next to the camping shop. Insert your pass in the holder and put in some coins. The screen will tell you how much money is left on your card.
You insert the pass again in the shower. The amount will reduce € 0,22 for each started minute. As soon as you insert your pass in the holder, the water starts running until you withdraw the card. The blue side in the shower is cold water and can be freely used.
Please do not put too much money on your pass, because you cannot get it back upon leaving.

Waste policy.
At the day recreation site, you will find trash bins to sort waste.
We also ask campers to sort out waste. The orange bag you will notice upon arrival is destined for remaining waste. All other waste can be sorted out and has to be brought separately to the waste park at the camping site entrance. You close the orange bag with a knot and put it in the container, of which you will find the opening next to the gate. For all other waste, you can open the waste park in the winter and low season with your access pass. During high season, the park is open from 10h30 till 12h30 and from 16h till 18h. Do not leave any waste in front of the gate, so everything will stay clean!